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Driving & Directions

Driving in Costa Rica isn't bad, but there are a few hazards to be aware of, and most roads are two-lanes. PLEASE get familiar with your car and set up your directions or have a copilot before you drive.  

  • Pedestrians & bicyclists are on every road. This is the main reason not to be looking at your phone when driving in Costa Rica. 

  • Most roads are beat up. Keep an eye out for potholes. You'll likely be driving on some dirt roads too, and may cross streams at some times of the year. If you head from Ocotal to Potrero/Flamingo, you'll follow the Monkey Trail, and will cross a creek that is 2+ feet deep. It's safe to drive through in the dry season (Nov-Mar). Check before driving on Monkey Trail in the wet season (Apr-Oct). If it's closed, you can still get to these towns and beaches, but have to take the long way around which adds about 30 mins.

  • Keep an eye out for speed bumps once on smaller roads. They aren't always marked well.

Directions to Azul Paraíso

It's about a 40 min drive to the unit once in your rental car. Directions are simple, but it's possible for a wrong turn when you get toward the end, so we've posted videos. It's recommended you download the videos so that you'll have a stress-free arrival if you have any connectivity issues when you first land.

  • From the airport, go West on 21. Look for signs of Coco, Potrero, Hermosa, or Flamingo. Go in the opposite direction of Liberia. Go about 5 miles (not a precise measurement)

  • Turn right on 151 toward Coco. Distance to Coco is around 10-12 miles

  • In Coco, turn left when you see the sign for Ocotal. 6-minute drive winding through a large neighborhood until you reach Ocotal. Always stay on the main road, and it will wind you toward Ocotal. It takes a few turns. Just stay on the most popular traffic route. Lots of pedestrians, so be attentive. A video has been posted below to show this segment of the drive.

  • When you are close to Ocotal, you'll climb a small hill. As you descend to the other side. Look for a large sign with arrows for two businesses pointing to the left (Maracuya & Father Roosters). Turn Left. The drive up the hill takes about 6 mins from here. Videos have been posted below to show this segment of the drive - one for daytime driving and one for driving at night.

  • About 1/2 mile up, turn right at Pez Vela (Avenida 215). Wind up the road, heading southwest. Stay on the main road.

  • Important - Look/listen for a metal grate in the road. Immediately following the grate, you'll see a sign for Pez Vela on the right and a sign for Vista Azul on the left. Turn left. Go up a short, steep hill. Downshift to Low recommended for this climb, then shift back to Drive.

  • Turn right at the top of this short steep uphill segment. This road will take you all the way to Azul Paraiso. After about 1/2 mile, you'll reach a very steep double S turn near two white houses. Downshift again to Low for this segment.

  • You'll cruise along the ridge for about a minute. Again, stay on the main road. When you hit a more evenly paved road, Azul Paraíso is in view. Turn left when you reach the security guard & gate.

  • Get the keys from the guard for unit 3B. 3B is located in the second building on the right. Pull around back. 3B takes up the entire left side of the building on the entry level.  

Below are videos that will show you how to get from Coco to Azul Paraíso. We recommend that you download these on your phone prior to traveling to Costa Rica. You can find them in Dropbox/Costa Rica, or download them from the videos below. Make sure you hit "play" on each video for download options.

Coco to Ocotal Drive
Ocotal Hill drive - daytime
Ocotal Hill drive - night time
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