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To everyone at F'inn:


We value our team, and are proud to be able to offer our employees a different type of work experience. We have ramped up the benefits of working at F'inn over the years and are happy to offer this new, unique perk. We sincerely hope all our employees will spend time at our property in Ocotal, enjoying many visits over the years with family and friends.  

Why did we choose Costa Rica? Costa Rica is a remarkable country. Parrots & toucans fly through the interior jungles. Howler monkeys and white faced capuchins leap gracefully through the trees. You'll find iguanas sunning themselves, sloths moving about ever so patiently, sea turtles & sea horses just off shore, and you may even spot a Jesus Christ lizard walking on water.   Costa Rica has jungles, mountainous cloud forests, volcanos, hot springs, and one of the most impressive coastlines in the world.  But the biggest reason we chose Costa Rica was the people. The Ticos, as they call themselves, are kind and welcoming.  The word Ticos is derived rom hermanticos, which means little brothers.  This sums up the essence of the Costa Rican people, as they value family, community, and togetherness. They live by the mantra Pura Vida - pure life.  Spend a few weeks in Costa Rica, and you'll begin understand.       

We hope you visit Ocotal to rest and recharge, but also to gain new perspective. Enjoy some time in the sun, see new creatures, try new food, and learn about a new culture. We ask that you recognize we are visitors in a foreign land. Expect things to be different from your experiences in the US, and make an effort to be respectful of the people and place. Treat the Ticos with kindness and you are surely to be treated the same way in return.  

Thank you all for being part of F'inn. We hope you enjoy this new experience.

Pura Vida!


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