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Mount Fuji
Guanacaste Area

North Pacific Coast

Scuba Diver in Reef
Blue Snorkel
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The Condo
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Azul Paraíso, Unit 3B

How it Works

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Our condo is located 5 minutes up a steep hill, just off of Playa Ocotal. Just 40 minutes from the Liberia Airport, this location gives you the perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy the stellar views of the ocean, and get away from it all.


Welcome F'inn Employees

At F'inn we all work hard, but we also value work-life balance. We're happy to offer employees a place to get away from life as we know it, and we hope everyone enjoys time with friends and family in Ocotal.  

Travel Polaroids

F'inn Travel Journal

Share your stories here, so that we can learn more about activities, restaurants, and experiences while in Costa Rica.  Make note of costs (especially for restaurants) and we'll continue to update this website.

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